the story of rupe

“I get a lot of questions asking what rupe means / what it stands for, so i’m just going to tell my story on how rupe was born. The word rupe (roop) started for me in 2013. One day i was changing my instagram username and typed in the word “rupe” it was available, so i said fuck it i guess i’m rupe now. 3 years pass by until one day some friends mentioned making “rupe” merchandise. I thought about it and started making some sample designs. My biggest supporter was my close cousin Danny. Almost 2 years go by with the idea of rupe being a clothing brand, i even made stickers and gave Danny like 20 of them. Summer 2018, i decided it’s time to finally start rupe. Everything was almost done, then early one morning i was told Danny had passed away in a car accident. After Danny passed i tried to keep a positive mindset not letting the negativity of everything bring me down, which is where rupes theme comes from. Seeing light through the darkness. Behind the evil & crazy designs there is positivity and freedom of thought. An acronym I use for rupe is Renegades Uprising Pure Evil. rupe launched october 13th and i dedicated this brand to Danny. To my creatives, graphic designers, soundcloud artists, photographers, and anyone working towards their goals & dreams i support you on your adventures. Don’t ever give up no matter how hard it gets. Rest in paradise Danny. We taking over. rupe.”


Instagram @RUPE